Covering a land of about 10 hectares, Alpha (Fujian) Bio-Tech Park combines the three facilities – namely manufacturing of medicine, functional health products and food – in one. The most important thing is that it has the advantages of biotechnology industrialization.

Alpha (Fujian) Bio-Tech Park

Inside the park there are a research and development centre, international biotechnology exchange centre, administrative building,

GAP demonstrative cultivation, GMP production workshop, eco-tech park, etc. It serves as Alpha's administrative headquarters and R&D and production centres in Asia.

In 2012, the modern agriculture and forestry demonstration farm was formally established. In the first three years, 13 hectares of a planned 107 hectares has already been planted. It is a fertile land where Alpha's model will be carried forward and developed robustly.

Alpha (Gutian) Ecological Park

This demonstration park would undertake a series of important tasks in Alpha's development, including: strengthening international exchange and cooperation of modern agriculture,

boosting the development platform for agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, improving the quality of raw materials, extending its industrial chain and expanding the scale of Alpha's business.

Laid foundation in July 2015, with a plan to develop a land of 33 hectares. After the completion of development, it will serve as Alpha's research and development headquarters of northern China medicine health products, the manufacturing headquarters of high-end health products of northern medicine,

Alpha (Changbai Mountain) Bio-Tech Park

it will act as the raw materials and processing base of northern medicine formulated granules and herbal pieces, and will be functioning as the logistics distribution centre for China's northern and north-eastern areas.

This will help increase income for farmers in Changbai mountain region and promote regional economic development. It is of great significance to guide the northern Changbai mountain and local resource industry to comply with international standards.

ALPHA New Zealand modern health product production base uphold the advanced business philosophy, working closely with New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine and other international authority of scientific research institutions, applying patented high-tech extraction technology and the most stringent international production standards, we produce a series of natural medicine and health products. ALPHA has a range of advanced production equipment, a robust production process, comprehensive quality management and strict testing system, ensuring the quality and safety of final product meet the regulations, requirement and expectation of users.

ALPHA New Zealand Production Site

ALPHA New Zealand modern health product production base is equipped with advanced hardware and management system. Starting from the initial design and construction, to each production process implemented, every detail is implemented with ALPHA’s commitment and principle, including standards on product quality, safety and expectation of users. ALPHA uses only the highest pharmaceutical standards on hardware and facility, including international recognised ISO standard air conditioning system, pharmaceutical grade equipment, as a whole, providing a controlled production environment with steady temperature, humidity and hygiene level. The production environment coupled with the rigorous and comprehensive production management system and personnel training, which enable us to produce only the high level of reliability and safety products.

Located in the world’s last natural and pure land, ALPHA New Zealand modern health product production base uphold the philosophy of natural and pollution-free product, takes from nature and return to nature. All the raw material have been through the most stringent screening process, and in line with New Zealand regulation on health product quality and safety.

ALPHA New Zealand GAP mushroom growing base combines the Chinese heritage of mushroom growing experience and method, with western modern facility and production management, so that the mushroom growing can be achieved under central computer control system management, a 24 hours weather control system giving each unique mushroom customized specific temperature, humidity and air quality.

GAP Mushroom Growing Site

ALPHA founder, Prof. Yihuai Gao started as a pioneer in fungi research, and edible medicinal fungi has always been one of the core research topic of ALPHA. We are committed to bring together the traditional Chinese mushroom growing technology and modern scientific methods. From the strain screening, cultivation, rejuvenation to the management of growing environment, there is always a trace of ALPHA’s commitment and vision in a product’s natural and scientific origin.

Combination of Chinese exotic mushrooms and New Zealand’s clean air and water, our natural edible fungi full with nutrients, become a great choice of healthy food on everyone’s dinner table in New Zealand.

ALPHA New Zealand Fermentation and Extraction Plant was completed and officially launched by former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key in 2016. The foundation of ALPHA products is based on our breakthrough on fermentation and extraction technology. By using our patented natural medicine modern low temperature low pressure biochemical multi-level separation, extraction and activation preparation technology, we are able to produce natural health products with high purity and high efficacy.

New Zealand Fermentation and Extraction Plant

ingredient. In traditional Chinese medicine preparation, the high-temperature process directly causes the alteration of molecular structure, and this damage of the structure of molecular activity groups will result in the loss of active components. With ALPHA's own patented extraction technology, depending on the characteristics of active ingredients in different materials, different solvents are used in extraction to maximize the yield of active groups, then a post-extraction activation process is applied to further enhance the activity and repair of molecular structure; as the result, the product extracted can achieve increased pharmacological activity 3-5 times better than conventional methods. The highlights of this technology include:
1) The low-temperature extraction to ensure the spatial structure of polysaccharide is not destroyed.
2) Multi-level separation technology to ensure the product is rich in medium-small molecule polysaccharides.
3) The low-temperature-activation to ensure the structural stability of polysaccharide.

As the only New Zealand health care company with actual facility and research ability in fermentation and extraction, ALPHA is committed to the study of New Zealand's native natural medicinal food products. Using ALPHA's patented extraction technology, combining with the methodology of Traditional Chinese Medicine's "Jun-Chen-Zuo-Shi" principle, we can enhance efficacy of individual ingredient as a whole by combining materials according to their effect and characteristics, systematically and pharmacologically. Developing a new generation of New Zealand natural health products.

Raw Material

Natural Raw Material - GAP

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), acting as the highest standard in Chinese herbal medicine production quality standard, the scope of control includes ecological environment, material quality, cultivation, harvest, transportation and packaging. ALPHA GAP Raw Material Base implements international recognized modern production operation standards, assuring the characteristics of ALPHA health products (non-polluted, no pesticide residues, heavy metal within safe limits, high efficacy and product purity) can be maintained; and successfully achieve international Quality Control and Quality Assurance system standard. ALPHA GAP includes:
A. A non-pollution ecological environment, the qualities of air, water and soil must meet national standards.
B. Herbs’ identification, selection and cultivation; and standardization of seedlings.
C. Pest control system.
D. Standardization of quality.
E. Implementation of standard operating programme on cultivation technology.
F. Management of harvest and preparation.

Quality Certificates