Founded by Alpha and Massey University for research cooperation, Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceutical Research Centre is committed to the study and extraction of bioactive components from New Zealand natural plants and fungi. It is intended to identify and demonstrate that these bioactive components can help human health, thereby enhancing the authority of University of Massey in natural nutrition study as well as the international reputation of New Zealand in the field of nutraceuticals.

Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceutical Research Centre

Founded in 1927, Massey University is one of New Zealand's largest education and research institutions. Judging by comprehensive academic research level, Massey University is among the top 100 Asia-Pacific universities, and has particular excellence in research studies of business, veterinary, agricultural science, engineering, aviation, etc.

Massey University specializes in food nutrition science research. Professor Yihuai Gao, the scientific research leader of Alpha Group, and Distinguished Professor Paul Moughan, Co-Director of Riddet Institute, serve jointly as Co-Directors of Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceutical Research Centre, which looks forward to contribute more to human health.

Established in 2003, the Riddet Institute is an important strategic food research centre at Massey University. In 2007, it was awarded the prestigious title of Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) by New Zealand Government. Its fields of expertise include food materials science, new food processing, human nutrition and gastrointestinal biology. Professor Yihuai Gao is an honorary fellow of the institute.

Riddet Institute

The Riddet Institute is one of the top ten Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs) supported by the New Zealand government, and an internationally renowned research institute as well.

Graduates from the institute are leaders in food science related fields. Alpha's cooperation with this institute undoubtedly adds to and enhances Alpha's research for health products.

Tongji University is a key national university directly under the Ministry of Education in China. It is a comprehensive university renowned for a long history of prestige and excellence at home and abroad. Tongji University and Alpha co-founded the Tongji Alpha Natural Medicine Research Institute, and this high-level international cooperation in biotechnology will promote and elevate development in the field of Chinese herbal medicines, traditional Chinese medicine and life science.

Tongji Alpha Natural Medicine Research Institute

The Shanghai-based Tongji Alpha Natural Medicine Research Institute brings together renowned research specialists and professors from at home and abroad. It is expected to show by way of combining Chinese and Western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine and the traditional Chinese medicines are more congruent to the needs of modern people, and play a role to maximizing the advantages of natural medicines.

Founded on May 2015 between Alpha (Fujian) Biotech Co., Ltd and the institute for advanced research of Tongji University, the institute is a research platform for combining learning with research and production and transformation of medical research. Targeting important scientific issues in health care and the prevention of major diseases, etc., it unfolds research of products and technologies for the continual upgrading of Alpha products, and lays down the foundation for them to always be walking in the forefront of the world.

Combined with joint efforts from well-known mycologists, nutritionists, pharmacologists, botanists, biochemists, and clinical specialists, New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine is dedicated to the research and development of natural medicines of medicinal fungi, natural plants, and marine life, etc.

New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine Research

Located in Alpha's Auckland base, New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine Research mainly focuses on technical research of fermentation, extraction and purification of natural medicines; the development and upgrading of Alpha's products; and the enhancement of products' biological activity and absorption capacity.

Always keep close contact with Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceutical Research Centre and Riddet Institute of Massey University, Tongji Alpha Natural Medicine Research Institute, and New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine Research. United, hand in hand, we are strong enough to create a bright biotech future of health products.

Contents of Science & Technology

Scientific research:
the cornerstone of Alpha's green business.

Alpha has obtained four international patents from three proprietary active polysaccharide extraction technologies.

Pharmacological experiments have proven that the efficacy of products extracted by the internationally patented extraction technologies is 3 to 5 times that of products manufactured by conventional methods. The chemical structures of small-molecular polysaccharides were more complete, and they had higher efficacy and quality. Content of the effective polysaccharides (β-polysaccharides) was as high as 30 - 35%. The extraction media used are water, alcohol and enzymes, so there are no chemical residues left in the product. Therefore, Alpha's products are unique because they have the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine and perform as efficiently as Western medicine.

What is traditional Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine originates from China. It is based on the theory of yin-yang harmony, an ideology that has at least 4,000 years of history. Traditional Chinese medicine is deep and profound. It is applied in conjunction with the daily time, astrology, horticulture, growth cycles, weather and seasonality. Through a range of patterns covering one's entire life cycle, including foods, herbs, exercise, and physical therapy, it links together one person's wellness with ecological environment.

In the Asian region, prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine are the core instrument to heal any physical, psychological or even emotional health problems, and many of them have a long history of use. In order to solve the problem of yin-yang disorders in the body, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners will carefully diagnose and heal by balancing and coordinating the roles of "sovereign, minister, assistant, and courier” medicine (the composing principles of herbal prescriptions), to achieve the best result for cure, aftercare, and prevention. Alpha makes use of the latest scientific research on Chinese herbal medicine active elements, integrated with advanced and innovative extraction, purification and activation of biochemical technology. This allows Alpha to carry forward the application of traditional Chinese medicine to ensure enhancement of products' pharmacological activities, efficacy and quality, to achieve timely recovery and the best health benefits for patients.


There are many cases involved with combination treatment from both western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), for instance, in some cases the western treatment could not do much for a terminal cancer patient, while the TCM could be effective at prolong patient’s life. But why the western does not recognize the science of TCM? The main shortcoming would be the uncertainty of chemical components. How could one identify and quantify the active ingredients in a bowl of TCM soup recipe? And the common immature extraction practices also contribute to the inconsistency of efficacy. The “3 Effects” theory proposed by Prof. Yihuai Gao fill in the gap between western medicine and TCM, by applying the 3 effects of Structure, Composition and Quantity on TCM theory, obtaining the scientific and accuracy, and gain recognition from western scientists.

Structure Effect represents the relationship between the efficacy and chemical structure of the active ingredients in natural medicine. For example, Ganoderma lucidum contains polysaccharides, adenosines and ganoderic acids etc., each active ingredient has its unique chemical formula and structure and different effect. With own patented low-temperature extraction technology, Alpha is able to maintain the integrality of the active ingredient chemical structure and hence retain the efficacy of the material.
Composition Effect represents the relationship between the efficacy and composition of variety of materials. By systematically combining different ingredients, the efficacy from the interaction of ingredients will better perform than using just one ingredient. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses large scale compound formulation, on the other hand, Alpha conducts the compsition on molecular level, based on the philosophy behind thousands years of Chinese medicine practices, taking reference and experience from variety of secret recipes, keep the active components intact and further enhanced in efficacy and remove the inactive components at the same time. Quantity Effect represents the relationship between the efficacy and dosage intake, what is the dosage for general health care and what amount of dosage needed for particular treatment, these numbers should be precise. Alpha researching team, leading by Prof. Yihuai Gao, has derived these data from numerous animal trials. The dosage of Alpha natural medicine and health products is the result of explicit calculations.

Features of different extraction technologies

Low temperature extraction technology
Select the best relative low temperature and fluctuation in temperature to protect the internal structures of
Molecular level technology
Studies have discovered the range of molecular weights of active polysaccharides. A fine molecular sieve is
Technology for the recovery and activation of effective components
Precious Cordyceps sinensis and Chitosan
the sixth element of life, are employed in composing product components. Various kinds of disease resistance
Low-pressure extraction technology
Select the best relative low pressure and change in pressure, reduce the boiling point, guide and
Protective drying technology
Product powder is dried under specific low temperature and low-pressure conditions to avoid loss of activity
Vector (carrier) technology
The technology for the extraction of Cordyceps sinensis and Chitosan. Chitosan molecules are finely filtered, and
The active Ganoderma polysaccharides, Cordyceps sinensis and fine Chitosan in GanoPoly have reached the level of

Patent Certificate

ZL 96 16569 6一种高活性灵芝多糖和高含量灵芝酸的水提取工艺方法(灯箱)
ZL 201301 0159068.X 一种缓解体力疲劳的保健茶及其制备方法(证书号第1365418号) (2)